Your Committee

Turvey Pre-School is a voluntary-run group and is a registered charity. A committee of parents oversee the successful running of the pre-school whilst the day-to-day management is the responsibility of the leader, and our experienced team of staff all contributing to the care and learning of the children.

This is your child’s pre-school and you and your family are very much a part of it. The committee plays a vital role and is well worth taking part in.

Being a committee member is a great way to become involved in your child’s pre-school. It means you can have input to the pre-school and play an important role behind the scenes, taking part in discussions and decisions. It also gives you greater insight into the workings of the pre-school and can offer you experience to put on your CV.

You can join our committee at any time of the year though often people join at our Annual General Meeting, when we review the past year. Which takes place within the Autumn Term.

The committee supports decisions regarding, future development, finances, maintenance and repairs and fundraising. Meetings are held once every half term, every 6-8 weeks. The Pre-school Leader and Deputy Leader attend committee meetings and work together with the committee.

The committee also helps at the Christmas Nativity and Party and may also help with planning occasional outings further afield.

Without a committee and officers, Pre-School cannot operate and would have to close.

Please help us in making our Pre-school the best for your children.

Contact me for more information:

Chair: Madeleine Anderton

Treasurer: Isabelle Corns